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I am the Domme half of MDsh and the wife, best friend, lover, and leader of sh.

We are more than just playing with the ‘lifestyle’, we are actually living our dream. My sh (sub hubby, sissy husband) means so much to me that I want to be his protector even though he could more than take care of himself in any given situation. He is amazingly smart, caring, and my sub hubby.

We are real, I am the Domme and he is my sub. I am responsible for every decision in our lives and I take this role very seriously. I am in control of our finances, our direction in life, our future, and his safety.

I did not know what a Domme was at the time, but have been one since grade school. I also, at the time did not know what ‘Bi’ meant, but later found out that I was that also and had been since grade school. I thought about being in charge of girls and boys and was very attracted to both for as long as I can remember. I did not act on my Bi side until I was modeling in my 20’s and with all those gorgeous nude bodies changing clothes behind the curtains it was pretty easy to determine who was also interested in me. Now I say model, but it was only for a nationwide department store and their catalogs (they were a very high end store and yes, you have heard of them).

I have cuckold my sh in the past and about to do it again. I have found a new lover and very excited to play with him. My new lover and I text/talk daily and we are on the same page on how we want our relationship. I will also be actively looking for a woman to be my lover in the very near future as well.