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MD and i have just returned from a week’s vacation in California. We had a wonderful trip where we had a chance to see some incredible scenery, had beautiful weather and enjoyed some fantastic meals. In addition, MD took advantage of the time away to strengthen Her control over me. Since it was virtually impossible that we would run into anyone who would know us, MD took advantage of this fact. Before we left MD bought a bracelet that had a large leather strap and a Queen crown on it. While in California i was made to wear it out in public. It is very noticeable and conspicuous and i noticed several people looking at it.

Since we had a rental car, MD had also purchased several stickers and made me put three of them on the car so they were noticeable. The stickers said, “Yes Mistress”; “Sissy Cuckold” and “I Totally Agree”. (i have included a picture of them before removing them near the airport.) MD had also purchased me a shirt a while back with the words “Dominant/submissive” on the front of the shirt and on the back in small letters was “deviant”. MD had me wear that shirt one day while She wore a shirt with a large Queen Crown on it. We were doing a wine tasting that day and i caught the guy who was hosting it looking at my shirt several times.

In the mornings, i was required to go get MD’s breakfast and serve Her in bed. At lunch and dinner, i was not allowed to order, She ordered for both of us and of course made all the purchases. Several times the wait staff looked at me funny, when MD would say “and he will have…” while i sat there stoically. In addition, for two days i was made to wear a diaper and MD required me go to the bathroom in them while we traveled. She is buying me the Depend’s “Real Fit” brief style and i have to admit they are very absorbent. MD likes them because they will hold at least two large bladder releases without leaking (and sometimes another smaller one). This means i am wearing a wet diaper for several hours which She thoroughly enjoys.
California was a wonderful trip and we brought back a ton of memories and pictures. But the real adventure is what we are living every day, and for that i am the most thankful.