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Living the Dream:
Sometimes in the mundane moments of life the biggest truths can be revealed, well at least that is the case in my life. i had one of my great epiphanies a couple of days ago, and it just happened to be in the shower. It started the day before when i was reading a Facebook posting and it said, “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them”. i have seen many similar sayings such as “Live Your Purpose”; “A Purpose Driven Life”; or ‘You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”, but i always struggled with that because defining my dream has been very difficult. i desire to be a great husband, a great father, a good businessman, in school a good student, etc. How do you create a vision statement that encompasses all of a person desires into one succinct statement?

In the shower it dawned on me. What have been my dreams throughout my life? What have i dreamt of for as long as i could remember? Then it dawned on me. Well actually, there are two dreams i have had since i was a small child. The first was to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. That dreamed died about the age of 16 under the weight of several defensive lineman. But the one dream that i have had since i was a child was to be kept as a submissive. Even before i even knew what sex was, i dreamed of being kept by an older girl as her slave. Then as i got older my fantasies were to be a submissive to a dominant female. For almost 50 years i have had the same basic dream, and now under the leadership of MD, i really am “living my dream”.