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I rarely blog, my sub hubby does but mainly from the standpoint of expressing his thoughts to me. he is amazing at putting thought to paper while I prefer to articulate verbally but, I think it gives time to think things through before trying to articulate them to me.

Since April, things have progressed rapidly on our Wife Led Marriage and thought I really needed to get something ‘down on paper’ to sort out all my thoughts.

First, I owe an apology to all those women I use to see that may have ordered for their partners or who told them they could not have another beer and so on. I use to think ‘what bitches, they are so domineering that their partner cannot have a say?” Well, I guess I am now that “bitch” lol. While some of them may have really been bitches, I have to say (and think sh would agree) I am a loving Domme, I am not rude, loud (except in bed), or obnoxious. I get my point across in a kind manner. sh always said, I could tell a person to go to hell and they would thank me. But do not take my kindness as being a push over, because I am not, and have excelled in my career and life because I am driven and know what I want.

If I was someone looking from the outside and they were reading my sh’s post, I would imagine I come across as selfish and do not care about my sh. That could not be further from the truth and have stated in a previous post, I love my guy beyond belief and would do anything to protect him.

I also deny him sex and at first thought it selfish of me but then started to come around to the thinking that actually, it takes off the pressure off of him – he no longer has to try to keep up with me and deal with performance anxiety, he is now free to focus on pleasing me in other ways. From a submissive point of view I do not totally get that, from a Domme perspective it gives me a very powerful feeling.

I also have put some strict rules down on how he interacts with me and when he is away from me. I do this in part as not to confuse him, as a sub really needs to know the boundaries or rules at all times. I say this from experience, having had a couple subs and learning that they needed clear directions on “playing” as well as in real life.

That is it for now as I am off to meet a potential bull 😉