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Branded. 6/26/15:  Each day that i have to go into the office, before i put on my shirt and get finished dressing to leave, i must wake MD so She can “stamp me”. MD bought a self-inking stamp last year that says “MDsh; (the current date); Owned since 4/7/2014”. i am to change the stamp to today’s date and then MD will usually stamp either, one my wrists or my chest. i then thank Her and then finish getting ready to go to work. It is MD’s way of “branding” me before i go off to work. It is to remind me that i am owned by MD. It is an incredibly submissive feeling to be stamped as property.

 There are other things that MD does to be reminders of my status. i am required to wear a pink, acrylic, 4ga PA ring, so every time i go to the bathroom it is a reminder that i am MD’s little sissy boy. MD also bought me a necklace that has three “dog tags”. One tag says “MD’s sh”; one has “4/7/2014”; and the other has “I love you” on it. When i walk or turn over in bed the “clink” they against each other. It is both an audible and visual reminder that i am Hers. Even having to wear a bra and panties every day is a marker that i am MD’s sissy. i had to go to the dermatologist yesterday for my annual checkup. i had to go into the office first and couldn’t wear my bra and panties to work, since i was going straight from the office to the doctors. i have to admit, it felt weird not wearing them and i changed back as soon as i got home.

 Each of these are ways that MD “brands” me. It reminds me each day that i am Hers to use as She so chooses. Last night after i got home, i mowed the lawn, did two loads of laundry, served dinner, washed the dishes, took out the trash and served MD as She required. MD feels very comfortable in telling me what She wants me to do and it seemed that every time i sat down, MD told me to go do something else. Last night we climbed into bed, i felt incredibly submissive to MD. She had an incredible sense of power about Her. (She often does after being with another guy or being on a “first date” which She had yesterday.) i thought of the ways MD marks me and how i have become totally Hers.

 Our Relationship: (Repeating on Each Blog)

As of 4/7/14, my relationship with my Wife of 16 years, changed from me being naturally submissive to Her to one where we now live fulltime in a “Wife Led Marriage” (WLM) relationship. She is now in total control of all financial, life and daily decisions. She is recognized as the unquestioned authority of our marriage and my life. My role is to be the “sh” to Her “MD”. “sh” is Her way of reminding me that i am Her “sissy”, “submissive”, “servant” and “slave” husband. The MD is “Masteress D (Her name)” or “My Domme”.