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i stood in the hotel bathroom yesterday morning in a white bra, white string panties, freshly shaved legs and underarms, and pink toenails. i was getting dressed to go to an offsite meeting and thought OMG, what a little sissy MD has created. i had to go on a business trip the last couple of days and was at a nice hotel in St. Louis. i left on Tuesday afternoon and came back late Wednesday night, so though not a long trip, it was still too long to be away from MD. i use to travel a lot of work, but thankfully, that has slowed down quite a bit the last few years because i just hated being away from MD. There are a lot of men (and women) who love to travel for business as it gets them out of the house. That is definitely not me!! i enjoy my time in Her presence. 

i do have to admit, traveling was different this time. Since i didn’t have to go into the office on Tuesday, i wore shorts and a golf shirt to the airport. No one seemed to notice (or at least comment) on my bra straps possibly showing, and i was chosen to go through the metal director with no issues. On the flight home though, i had to take off my suit jacket going through security and this time, i was chosen to go through the body scanner. When i stepped out, the guy asked me if i had anything in my shirt pocket. i told him no, and said he would need to pat down my chest and then my back, which he did and then passed me through. So, i guess sports bras show up on a body scanner. i wonder how many times a guy gets stopped for that at airport security? i wonder what would happen if i was wearing my chastity cage what would happen? The reality is, the more MD requires of me, the less i am about worried about being “caught”. i still want to be careful around family and work situations, but if someone in town sees a bra strap or me in femme clothes, or even if someone finds out that we live in a WLM and MD is in total control or cuckolds me, that is really not a big deal anymore.  

 i have a younger sister and growing up i think one of the phrases she used more often than any other was “You’re not the boss of me”. For some reason that phrase was in my head lying in bed at the hotel. i thought, i do have a boss of me, someone i always have to obey and it is an amazing feeling. i love knowing i am under the control of MD. Even while i was away, She would text me what i was allowed to do and places i could go. For example, She allowed me one beer while at the hotel and one on the way home. Just knowing that even another state, She still had complete control of me and what i was doing. The part that i hated, besides not being in Her presence, was that i was unable to serve Her and She was having to do some things on Her own. (There were a lot of things She did leave me to do when i got home, including washing the dishes and putting the toilet paper on the holder.) But i love knowing that the best place in my life is with MD.

 Our Relationship: (Repeating on Each Blog)

As of 4/7/14, my relationship with my Wife of 16 years, changed from me being naturally submissive to Her to one where we now live fulltime in a “Wife Led Marriage” (WLM) relationship. She is now in total control of all financial, life and daily decisions. She is recognized as the unquestioned authority of our marriage and my life. My role is to be the “sh” to Her “MD”. “sh” is Her way of reminding me that i am Her “sissy”, “submissive”, “servant” and “slave” husband. The MD is “Masteress D (Her name)” or “My Domme”.