10/09/15:Yesterday, MD went to our CPA to finish filing our taxes. When i asked if i should plan on going, MD told me it wasn’t necessary, as i wasn’t needed. MD believes it is important that i understand and accept my role. i am no longer a leader or a decision maker in our marriage. She manages all of our family decisions and anything financial is only Her business. Even though i am in my 50’s, MD expects me to understand that in many ways i will be treated as a child. i have to ask Her permission to do anything, sex is something i shouldn’t be concerned about, i have an early bedtime, and i must mind Her at all times. MD is the adult in the relationship and i am the child.  Not only am i more a child than adult, but a femme one at that. MD sees me more as a “girl” than a “boy”. She likes me dressed in femme clothes and feels that when i am, i am a better sh to Her. She laughed yesterday when we got out of bed yesterday morning saying, “well at least one of us wears lace to bed.” Since i was off work yesterday, we took a nap when She got back from the CPA. i wore a bra and panties to lay down and She slept naked.   

MD used to be very diplomatic in how She would deal with a situation, showing a lot of tact. Recently, She has become far more comfortable in being blunt. She is not cruel in Her words, but now being “the boss” of our family, She feels comfortable being very honest and direct with me. These are just a few examples of things She has said to me over the past few weeks:

You are my baby

You cum too fast

My little boy needs to wear a diaper

Good girl

I don’t see you as a man now

You don’t need to cum again

Your last time to have sex

I no longer feel sorry for you

I want a eunuch who can serve me

i love the way that MD has taken complete control of me. She is teaching me in actions and words how i am to be going forward. My old role as “the man of the house” is gone. i am Her sissy sub hubby and i am to know and accept that role.