11/01/15: This past Wednesday, MD received a package. When She saw who it was from, She became excited and told me to help Her open the package. She pulled out a red velvet container and opened it up to find a Queen’s Keep chastity cage from Mature Metal that She ordered a few months ago (maturemetal.com). It had taken a little longer than She had expected, as they had had a backlog of orders and mine was one of those that was “back ordered”. MD told me to put on the cage and lock it. (MD ordered it with a security key so it wasn’t a regular lock.) 
i put on the cage and tightened the security screw and it was complete; i was now locked up. MD and i have used different chastity cages for several years. We started with the CB2000 and have used various versions since then. One of the major difference between the previous cages and this one is the customization. The others were “off the shelf” devices, where this one is “custom made”. i put it on and immediately felt the difference in the fit and quality of the device. It was light and comfortable, but also was very restrictive on my “excitement level”. This was the difference between “amateur” and “professional” grade.   

Not only was there a difference between the types of devices we have used in the past, but the major difference was the expectation. Previously MD had used the 3 month mark as the barometer of my usual lock in period. i had been kept between 90-95 days on three different occasions before She unlocked me and i was allowed release. MD has different expectations now. It is no longer a time period where i will be locked up before my next release. Now, i will only be released if absolutely necessary. MD has told me that She has no desire to ever release me. i will be allowed only to be release for certain doctor visits and when i travel on an airplanes. Her expectation is that i will always be forever locked up and if unlocked, it will be for a short, definite reason.  

MD used to lock me up to create a sexual tension; i am now locked up because She doesn’t believe i need to cum or be hard; and that is a major distinction. i use to know that when i was locked up, there was going to be a “release” point where MD would allow me to cum. i now know, that i am in a permeant chastity state and MD had no desire or interest in letting me have a release. It is amazing to know that MD is good without me every getting to cum or get hard again. She loves having me as Her “eunuch” and as such my sexual desires are of no interest of Hers. Though She may play with me to get me excited for Her amusement, the idea of allowing me to enjoy that release, is of no interest to Her. i am now Her sexless eunuch and that is what She has told me that She has desired for the past year. 

Though the Queen’s Keep is incredibly comfortable for long term wear, i have to admit, it is incredibly frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night, trying to get erect and finding out that is now no longer possible. i now no longer have any sexual freedoms, i am just a little sexual slave to my MD. Where i used to have at least the freedom to get an erection thinking about being with MD that is no longer the case. i am just Her little sissy sub, who can’t get an erection and as far as She is concerned that will be true for the rest of my life.   

Our Relationship: (Repeating on Each Blog)

As of 4/7/14, my relationship with my Wife of 17 years, changed from me being naturally submissive to Her to one where we now live fulltime in a “Wife Led Marriage” (WLM) relationship. She is now in total control of all financial, life and daily decisions. She is recognized as the unquestioned authority of our marriage and my life. My role is to be the “sh” to Her “MD”. “sh” is Her way of reminding me that i am Her “sissy”, “submissive”, “servant” and “sexless” husband. The MD is “Masteress D (Her name)” or “My Domme”.