11/08/15:Friday was my birthday, so we both took the day off and celebrated. MD took me to both breakfast and dinner that day and then after dinner to a tattoo shop where i got a new tattoo. (Well actually two!) MD had been working on a design of a combination of a key and crown for several weeks and it was to be placed on my right calf. This way it won’t show at work, but for the 7 or 8 months i can wear shorts, it would be visible to others. The key stands for me forever being in chastity and that She is the key holder. The crown represents that She is the authority and ruler of my life. The crown is shaded in red since MD is a redhead. On the side of the crown are antlers, which represent that i am also Her cuckold. The tattoo came out very well and when it heals i will ask MD if i can post a picture of it.The second tattoo was the updating of a tattoo of the number of men MD has cuckolded me with so far. i got the tattoo several years ago when the number was five, which were represented by slash marks (as in Roman numerals). Since the new total is now 16, which meant i should have gotten 11 new slashes. MD was gracious and instead of doing that She had the tattooist do an X (Roman numeral for 10) before the five slashes and then added a new slash at the end. This tattoo is just above my dick, so i held my panties down to let him do the tattoo; i don’t know if he noticed the chastity cage outline or not.  

In addition to the tattoo, MD got me two pair of pink house socks, and for my special treat, i was allowed to lick Her p*ssy and ass that evening, when we went to bed. MD said that She will be requiring me to lick Her ass far more often now that i am in my chastity cage. MD had not been allowing me to do that since i always got hard when She allowed me to lick Her and She found me getting hard disrespectful. MD had told me that not only did She not want me to cum, She didn’t even want me hard, and when i licked Her i wasn’t able to control myself. Now that i am locked, that is no longer an issue. MD told me that being allowed to lick Her p*ssy would only be for very special occasions. My role as Her sh will be to lick Her ass whenever She wants, while Her p*ssy is reserved for Her vibrator and lovers.

Speaking of my chastity cage, i can’t say enough good things about the Queen’s Keep from Mature Metal. MD had me put it on 10 days ago and i haven’t had it off since. Most chastity cages require a breaking in period, but not this one. MD allowed me to keep the key for the first week, in case any issues came up while at work. Since there haven’t been any, MD took the key back and put it on a necklace, which She wore when we went shopping on Saturday.  

It has been an amazing couple of weeks. A lot of things we had been discussing for a while have now come to final fruition. i am now locked up in a permanent state of chastity and forever marked by MD with a tattoo that will now be visible to others. i am getting to live the life i only could have imagined a few years ago. i love being MD’s sh and now i want to focus on being the best sh possible for Her