11/19/2015:The word “baby” can be used in many different ways. It can mean:
o Child – “She just had her baby”

o Term of affection – “Hey baby”

o Term of derision – “You are just a big baby”

o Pride of Ownership – “That 65 Mustang is my baby”

​MD often calls me “My baby” and in some ways i think She is using that term in each of the ways above. MD says She doesn’t see me as an adult and i no longer have “adult” rights. The rules i have to live by are more of a small child, e.g., i have to get permission to “go potty”, and i have an early bedtime. MD likes reinforcing that though i am in my 50’s to Her i am more of a child than an adult.

 Though MD and i share an “unconventional” marriage, we are very much in love and I know of no other couple that has the kind of loving, passionate and trusting relationship that we do. Though no longer may there be sex between us, there is an incredible amount of passion. I know MD loves me and i am madly and passionately in love with Her.

 Sometimes MD will use a special tone in Her voice indicating that i am acting like a baby and just deal with it. i wouldn’t say that MD is a sadist by any means, but there are times, that MD enjoys seeing me in pain or discomfort. Whether it is making me wear 5 inch high heels, locking me in a dog kennel while She is with a lover, giving me a spanking, or slapping my dick and balls and asking if that hurts, MD enjoys tormenting me. i think MD likes me to have just a bit of fear of what She might do to me, especially if i need to be punished.

 But the most frequent use of “baby” by MD is ownership. She sees me as Her property, as well as Her responsibility. She expects me to obey Her completely and that She has every right to tell me what to do as Her sh. But at the same time, MD feels She has a responsibility, as a good owner, to take care of me and protect me as best as She can. 

 As MD’s sh it is an incredible feeling of being completely powerless and completely protected at the same time. i feel incredibly lucky at one hand and very humiliated in another. Knowing that MD has complete control over me in money, in power and sexually and that i will never again have control in those areas, makes me feel like Her baby.