12/05/2015: In my blog i wrote on Thanksgiving, i mentioned how thankful i was that MD has brought us to the point where we are today. After reading it, She responded, “Let me get this straight, I take away all your power, make you serve me anyway I want and will never let you have sex again and you thank me?” It does sound a bit weird, but the answer is yes!  
 i haven’t blogged as much lately, some due to work demands but some has to do with my new normal. There were a lot of emotions and thoughts running up to October and the first of November. The mental angst of realizing my last time to have sex with MD, getting the new chastity device and being marked permanently with a tattoo of Her “brand”, so i was blogging more; now it is just normal life. i have been locked up in my chastity cage over 5 weeks, with being out only one day for some healing. MD even ordered me a silicone based cage for when i travel. Since MD has said i won’t be getting any more orgasms, it is not even something i think about any longer. i wear panties and a bra every day and they are just a normal part of my wardrobe. My only sexual pleasure that MD allows is licking Her ass or putting my finger in Her p*ssy when She so desires. And though MD sleeps naked in the bed i am not allowed to look at or touch Her. These are just my normal day to day realities.

 So, the abnormal life of a husband who has no power, no money, no sex, no rights, has to dress femme and can’t even see or touch his naked wife is my normal. (This doesn’t even take into account She cuckolds me with other guys and can discipline me any time or way She wants!) Though it sounds very strange to many people, i love my new abnormal normal