01/17/2016:The other evening MD was having trouble going to sleep. She had a meeting the next morning and was having difficulty “shutting down”. i suggested that She might consider using Her vibrator. She thought about it for a few seconds and then She told me to turn over and face the wall. MD got out Her vibrator and began to play with it and it wasn’t long before She came very hard. MD turned off the vibrator, put it up, turned over and went right to sleep. 
The first thing about that experience was that MD didn’t want me to participate at all. i wasn’t to look or speak to Her and She never even acknowledged me. The second thing though was that i was surprised that i didn’t try to get hard while listening to Her cum. Since i am in a chastity cage, i can’t get truly hard, but i didn’t even start to get aroused. As She was sleeping i was trying to figure it out, since i have always got excited when MD cums. What i finally realized, was that i felt a bit guilty and embarrassed lying there while She was cumming, because MD’s sex life is no longer any of my business. MD’s sexual pleasure is Her private business and i have no right to be included unless She so chooses.

My sexual pleasure is now limited to just lusting after MD. Last night, She told me that we were going to our neighbor bar. She put on a short dress, no panties, no bra and looked incredibly sexy. i so much wanted to touch Her and enjoy Her body and She knows that. She loves to see the lust in my eyes, knowing that i no longer can do anything about it but other men can. It is amazing lying in bed last night again realizing i will never be allowed another erection. i know there are lots of men who are impotent, but most of them face this due to injury or disease. In my case i am impotent because MD finds it disrespectful to Her authority over me and decided that i shall remain locked in a chastity cage. MD enjoys seeing me locked up and since i am no longer allowed to have sex or cum again, there is no reason for me to be hard.

 It is an incredible torture to have this amazingly sexy and beautiful women in bed with me and know that Her body is off limits to me. Her authority is amazing