Last week i had a meeting in another city and it was one of those days where it was fly in and fly out. I had to get up at 3:30 am to get the airport on time and didn’t get home until almost 8:30 that evening. As you can imagine i was exhausted. When i walked into the house, all the dishes were still in the sink for me to do, there was toilet paper to put on the holder and there were several other projects i had to finish before i could come to bed. MD gave me a hug when i came in and we talked a minute. She then said that She was going to go get in the bed and i was to bring Her a drink before starting the dishes. MD knew i was tired, but that was not Her problem. i have things that i am to do every day around the house and it is my responsibility to finish them. 

i finished my last blog with the sentence; “Her authority is amazing”. It is hard to describe what it feels like to be under the complete and absolute authority of another person. MD has total control over me; i have to do whatever She tells me. i know there are people reading this and say that this can’t be true, but if i was to blatantly disobey or refuse to obey Her any longer, MD has the legal right to kick me out of the house without anything to my name. i have already signed all my property rights over to Her. So, i am basically broke and She owns everything. There has to be a lot of trust to live in a relationship like this and i do trust MD with my life. But it is also clear that She expects me to obey Her in whatever She says and it is not going to get any easier as we go along. In fact, MD told me a couple of weeks ago that She was going to become even stricter and more demanding on me this coming year.  

Last weekend, MD wanted us to take a nap before going out that night. i took off my blouse and pants and got into bed wearing just my panties and a bra. MD told me to get up and go get my pink gown on and come back to bed. It is a little thing like this that shows Her desires are to be met. She has told me before that sissy boys need to wear gowns to bed, preferably pink and even though i was in a bra and panties, i was not doing what i had been told.  

i have read that some women get involved in a WLM or FLR (Female Led Relationship) and they tire of it after a while – not MD! She tells me that She absolutely loves being in control and only wishes we had started it sooner. My life will forever be under the total control and authority of MD and i am very lucky!