1/24/2016: What an amazing experience! This morning i was lying next to MD and all i could think of is how much i desired Her and wanted to hold Her. i asked MD if for $10 (half of my weekly allowance) if i could hold Her breast. She seemed amused that i would be willing to spend my allowance on this request but She said yes, and grabbed my hand and put it on Her right breast. For $10 i was allowed to hold and fondle Her right breast. i wasn’t allowed to play with the other one or play with Her nipple or even suck on Her, but just enjoy getting to touch Her. (Realize She is a natural 40DD so i couldn’t even hold all of one breast!)  
It was incredible. The amount of lust i was consumed by for those 15-20 minutes. My heart was racing, my breath quick and shallow and my little dick was trying in vain to get hard in my chastity cage, which even amused MD even more. Every few minutes She would push against me and wiggle Her ass. So even when i started to “calm down” it would fire right back up. For those who ever never worn a chastity cage, when you are locked in one and try to get hard, it is a very uncomfortable feeling! So i was straining to not get hard while hold MD’s breast and it wasn’t working. i felt like i was a very inexperienced young teenage boy getting to touch the breast of a beautiful sexy older woman for the first time. It was exciting and humiliating at the same time.

After a while MD told me to go get Her a cup of coffee. My time was up but it had been such a rush. Knowing that my sexual contact with MD is so limited now as Her chastity sissy, that any little thing She does, just drives me wild with lust. It has been over three months since MD has allowed me to look at Her naked. A few times She has pulled Her top up and flashed me and once She bent over and flipped Her robe up so I could see Her ass, but that is it. She knows She is driving me crazy and She absolutely loves that. i know that She is off limits to me and only occasionally teases me just to make me ache for Her.   

i had to pay $10 to touch her (and yes, MD took my money) and i know that soon one of Her lovers will get to put his hands all over Her and She will moan with desire. He will touch Her and experience Her incredible sexuality. She will cum over and over while He is inside Her and with me, while MD can simply humiliate me by making me beg and pay just to touch Her.

i knew that taking the plunge into a fulltime WLM was going to be exciting and wild, but i had no idea where it would lead. There is a price to be paid to ask your Wife to become your Owner and Masteress. You forever give up the right to be Her equal and you are left feeling humiliated and weak and willing to beg just for a touch. The price this morning was $10 a boob.