02/07/2016: It dawned on that i recently broke two records; the longest i have ever been kept in chastity and the longest i have gone without cumming. i have been locked in a chastity cage for well over 100 days and without cumming now almost 120 days. While in the past these would have seemed like a big deal to me, now it is almost an afterthought. Since MD has already told me She is going to keep me in a chastity cage for at least 10 years, three months is not such a major accomplishment. And since October was my last time to ever be allowed to cum, every day will be a new record from here on out.
 MD and i lived a Domme/sub marriage even before we started a WLM, but now i can see that is apples to oranges. Though there a similarities in a Femdomme relationship, there are major differences. In a Femdomme relationship, the sub has “options”. He can tell the Domme what he desires and what his interests are. Maybe he likes getting spanked or getting humiliated. The Domme chooses how that might be done. Though She is in charge, he is also providing input. In a Wife Led Marriage it is all about Her. MD doesn’t have to try to meet any of my desires any longer, it is only what She wants. In the past, MD might have “made” me lick Her without letting me cum. She gets pleasured, but so did i in the sense that i love to lick Her. Now, MD has no desire for me to lick Her p*ssy as She feels that is only for Her lovers. Whether i want to or not is immaterial, it is all about Her and Her desires.

 Now don’t get me wrong, it is an incredible experience being used by your Masteress. It is amazing when MD turns to me and orders me to do something. There is no more negotiating or disagreeing with Her. She orders me to do something and i must obey. Whether it be go get me a cup of coffee, put a pink nightgown on or get on my knees and kiss Her feet, anything She says i must obey. i guess the only analogy i can think of is a Femdomme relationship is like an engagement but a WLM is a “covenant marriage”. In the first you are somewhat committed but there are outs, the second is legally binding.  

 The exciting thing is what MD desires change daily. This past week She has been sick and so i have had the opportunity to care for Her while She recovers. Next week She has already listed out several items i have to get done by next Sunday and She will be more of a task master that i have to please. Every day i must be prepared to serve Her however She desires. Being in a WLM is challenging. i have to come from being an “alpha male” at my work to a “neutered sissy femme” at Her home. Sometimes i don’t arrive home with the correct attitude and that is something i need to continue to work through. MD is also training me on not losing my temper and taking correction with the right attitude.  

 i write this blog in my pink nightgown, pink slippers, pink robe, wearing a chastity cage and a pair of panties and i feel incredibly lucky. Tomorrow, i will put on a suit and head to the office to lead several business meetings. Already all i can think of is i can’t wait to get back home to be under the full authority of MD. She is my love, my protector and my Masteress. i can honestly say that i love that is “All About Her”.