This week MD is mailing my chastity cage back to MM to get it resized. The strange thing is i am going to miss wearing it. One of the things i have noticed in reading is that a lot of guys who wear chastity cages for a long time, miss not having them on when they are off for any period of time. Some say it is the weight, some say it is feeling of confinement, others mention the security of not being tempted to masturbate. For me it is the constant knowledge of that i am MD property. i am locked up because She so desires it. It is Her way of reminding me that my dick is of no longer any use for Her. It is a “why bother” reminder.
At least i will have a “replacement” activity while the chastity cage is being resized. MD recently bought me a butt plug that is designed to stimulate the prostate. She wants me to wear it on the days i am working from home. i wore it from 8-4 on Wednesday and Friday this week. It was amazing to have a plug inside me that long. Though not a huge one, it definitely reminds me that is it there. And when i walk it does cause a reaction. i noticed when i went to pee, that i had a little bit of precum dripping on Friday. Though MD wants me locked up, She also wants me healthy, so a prostate “massager” is to be worn once or twice a week now.  

The other thing i have noticed is the way MD and i sleep now. We have always cuddled and sleep in a queen bed. (Of course!) When we stay a hotel, we don’t like when we have to stay in rooms with a King bed. But where we have always cuddled, MD is far more dominant even in Her sleep. Instead of just touching, She puts Her hand on me as if to indicate She owns me. i don’t know exactly how to describe it, but there is a difference even just the past few weeks. MD is more demanding about making me turn over and Her curl in behind me. She will now reach out put Her hand on my chest, even if She is sleeping on Her back. I am Hers, even in Her sleep.   

Not much of a theme this week in this blog. Just some random thoughts that i have had while lying awake. The funny thing is, so many people would be shocked at MD’s and my lifestyle, but to us it seems very normal. i guess that is the theme, the abnormal is now normal.