Last night, we were outside and MD told our “Echo” from Amazon to play music from Journey. i thought it was appropriate for this past week. This week the “shortened” chastity cage came back from Mature Metal. When MD saw it She said, “Wow, that is pretty short. Go put it on.” i put it on and showed it to Her and She looked very amused. i have been wearing it since Tuesday and so far no issues have developed. Other than Dr. appointments and airline travel, MD said i will be wearing it permanently.   

Between the chastity cage and MD’s reading of my “Sexless” blog last week, MD told that that She finally has what She wanted, me as Her own “eunuch”. MD had decided that is what She wanted almost two years ago and now She has it and She is very pleased. She loves that not only do i never get to cum again, but that i can’t even ever get hard again. MD especially loves making fun of my predicament. We are talking about joining a local swingers club which seems very ironic. All these people enjoying sex and i am totally sexless.

In less than two weeks, we will celebrate our official 2nd MDsh Anniversary. MD is working on a new contract that i will sign to again show that She has total power. She will be adding some amendments and removing the part about me getting sex once a year. i really don’t know what all changes She is making, but it will be interesting to read it and again validating that She is my superior.  

The only thing i would do different if i had to do it all over again, was to have done it sooner. Though it is not easy, it has been great the past two years. We had to run to Lowes today to get a few items for a project MD has given me. i was in the store in panties, bra and wearing a woman’s top. (Since i had a jacket on, it was very difficult for anyone to notice.) i loved knowing that here i was and just two years ago, this would not have happened. Even last night, MD told me that She loved me in femme clothing. Though i don’t know the final destination, i am loving the journey.