MD is such a tease! Sunday night, She came out to the porch in Her cover up and told me to get the hot tub ready. i proceeded to take off the cover and turn it on, while She stepped in to tub and faced away from me, She took off Her cover up (She was nude) and sat in the bubbling hot water. i got Her a drink and then went and got my pink bikini bottoms on and joined MD in the tub. While we were in the tub, i removed my bikini and MD came over and grabbed my balls and began to play with me. She then grabbed me by my cage and worked at getting me excited, knowing that there was no room in the cage for me to get hard. i told her that i hated my cage at the moment and She just laughed and said “too bad”. After MD got me sufficiently excited and riled up, She went back over to Her side and occasionally began to float just high enough so i could barely see Her pussy and the She would lower Herself back down. MD would also raise just high enough that Her nipples showed and then duck back down under the water. She did this over and over until the timer went off and then MD had me get Her robe and She went back into the house.   

It is one thing to be in chastity, but to have MD tease and deny me is an incredible rush. You would think that if you were locked up in a chastity cage the last thing you want is to be sexually teased, but the opposite is true. In fact, the last thing you want is to be locked up and ignored. i believe that MD loves the rush of power of knowing that She can create such a high level of sexual frustration for me and then turn and leave. For example, sometimes in the car, She will just pull out one of Her breasts and not say anything until i notice and then She puts it back in Her dress and just grin.  


It is not just the “showing” that She does to me to drive me wild, but the comments MD makes are what really drives me crazy! She loves to say things just to make sure to embarrass, humiliate or drive me insane with lust. Some of Her comments, include “that really is small”, “you look cute in your dress”, “baby, you know you used to cum to fast”, “I finally have my eunuch”, “aw you’re cute” (when describing my sexual abilities), “that doesn’t bother me” (when i told her how lustful i was of Her). She loves to point out that i won’t ever get to have cum again, but She will as often as She wants. This past weekend She told me that the only concern i should now have about Her sexual needs are if the batteries in Her vibrator need to be replaced.


MD loves to find ways that continually makes me lust for Her. Though you would think that being in a “sexless marriage” would be boring and unexciting, because of MD’s “Tease & Denial” (T&D) practice, the exact opposite is true. Even though i haven’t had sex with MD in over 5 months, i can honestly say that i continue to be sexually excited by MD every day!