Tomorrow marks our second anniversary as MDsh. To say the least, it has been a wild ride. To see where we started and where we are now is unbelievable. To realize that since a year ago, i was only allowed inside MD twice, and that for a total of about 40 seconds. (They say the average for a man can last 3.5 to 7.5 min per sexual experience. i asked MD and She said all but one of Her seven lovers, these past couple of years, have lasted at least that long, some much longer.) And now my time with Her last October was my last time to ever get to have sex with Her or even get to cum again. i am in a chastity cage, full time and permanent. i now am now no longer allowed to lick MD’s p*ssy. i wear a bra and panties daily, and have more dresses in my closet than MD does.  

The other thing i look back and see is how much better we are. Overall my health is better, (other the weight i still need to lose.) Our finances are much better since MD took over; we have reduced our expenses and increased our savings. Though now not sexually active, our intimacy level has never been higher. We love being together and i hate the nights where i have to be gone from Her for work.  

MD says that She is working on our new contract, which we will review and i will sign again tomorrow. i do know it will again say that She is in total control and i am inferior to Her. That is what i want to work on next year, is to make sure my attitude is always reflective that i understand that She is my superior and i must always reflect that in my attitude and behavior. There have been a couple of times recently that MD said i was “topping from the bottom”. That is an area i need to improve. My personality is one of “taking control and getting things done”. That is fine at work, but when i am at home, my attitude needs to reflect, i am no longer in control, that She is. My job is not to make decisions but to obey Hers. She is superior to me and i am inferior to Her. The way it works best.