4/09/2016:Yesterday, i signed our newly amended WLM contract that MD had written. In this new version, not only did MD remove the clause where i was allowed to have sex with Her on our anniversary, but She specifically added that i would now no longer be allowed to have sex with Her. MD also added a clause that i will now remain locked in my chastity cage unless for travel or doctor visits. Other items that remained in the contract include:
• MD has the full authority to make any decision and i must obey Her.

• She has a Power of Attorney to be able to legally sign for me (this allows Her to create financial accounts and move money however She wishes without my knowledge or consent.)

• That MD has the right to take other lovers whenever and however She so chooses and i have no right to interfere or argue.  

• It specifically states that She is the superior in the relationship and i am the inferior.

• That if i act in an unfaithful manner, that i will be sent away with only $1500 and a couple of personal items and will forfeit my rights to all bank and retirement accounts.

• Only MD has the right to cancel or amend the contract.

 There was also a couple of new clauses added:

• Once a month i can pay $10 for the privilege to be able to lick MD’s ass. (So last night, i put $10 in Her money jar!)

• On occasion MD, at Her discretion, may put a “coupon” on my pillow that allows me to lick Her p*ssy, but if i don’t see it, then i forfeit my chance.  

 MD printed out both the new and old versions of the contract and told me to go read. When i finished, i signed the new contract and it is again official. Though signing the contract is part of our renewal ceremony of our WLM, MD knows that it also creates more legal authority. Though the contract would already hold up in court, by me agreeing and signing every year, i can’t say i didn’t mean it or didn’t know what i was agreeing to. Though i knew i would be signing the contract again, it does make me feel even more inferior to MD realizing that She has all the power in our relationship and i have none. Though MD often asks my opinion on certain things, just as often She now doesn’t.  

 It has been amazing to watch the growth of MD this past year, especially in Her feeling comfortable in Her role as ruler. (Yes, that term is also in the contract describing Her.) In the contract it also describes me as “servant”. So as Her servant, yesterday i again acknowledged and agreed that She is my ruler and i am under Her total control. i have never been happier!