You are whatever I say you are.” And with that simple statement, MD described my life, our marriage and our future. Last week, we were discussing an article i had read and i made a statement about my role when MD very simply stated that i would be whatever She so chose.  

It is an amazing feeling knowing that MD has such total control of me. Whether it be legally, financially or sexually, MD has complete authority and control and that is what She wants. This is not something i dreamed up and She is just “going along with it”. MD has decided that She loves being in control of me and requiring that i submit to Her authority.

Though it sounds illogical, there is a lot of freedom in living in a WLM. Knowing that my focus is to be on serving MD, in some ways is very freeing of distractions. i don’t wonder any longer when i wake up in the mornings, will i get to have sex tonight or not. As far as decisions, MD may (or may not) ask my opinion about a decision or purchase She is about to make, but i have no authority to argue or overrule Her. She sets the agenda and schedule for the day and if i want to go somewhere or do something, i must get Her permission. MD often makes a list of items that i must do and She marks them off once they are complete. She is the boss and i must simply obey Her.

Though in a way it is freeing to know that i live under MD’s authority, it is also incredibly humiliating. Every morning when i get up and slip on my panties and a bra before going to work, or put on my pink nightgown before bed, i do it as a sign that MD controls me. i wear these items not for sexual gratification, but because She wants me to always realize that i am no longer the “man of the house”, but Her sh. When i look down in the shower and see my dick permanently locked up in a steel chastity cage, i am constantly reminded that i am now forever sexless. When i have to ask MD for permission to “go potty”, it is a reminder how powerless i am now. When i wear my shorts showing my shaved legs and my tattoo, i again realize how much of a sissy, i have become. MD does all these things and more, too always remind me of my place and that She has power and authority over me.  

Learning to be a good submissive is not always easy. Sometimes without even realizing it, my “take control” attitude comes out and MD has to put me back in my place. MD is teaching me how to be Her sh and i definitely have a ways to go to be what She expects and deserves. Though i am still learning how to be “whatever She says”, as of now, i am Her sexless, sissy, submissive, servant husband.