Some people use the acronym “FLR” or Female Led Relationship, but we prefer the term Wife Led Marriage or “WLM”. There are many different ways these types of relationships can be lived and there is no “correct way”. There is a right way for us though, and that is for me to recognize and live under MD’s complete authority. MD told me the other day that She loves having all the power and authority in our relationship, but still can’t understand why i love living under Her control. i agree it is hard to explain, why i want to have to live in submission to Her, but i still find it difficult to believe that She wants to be in total control all of the time.   

MD does not have a drill sergeant mentality where She orders me around all the time, but She simply states what She wants and i am expected to obey. i guess the best description of MD is that She has expectations. She will go to the car door and expect me to come open and close it for Her. She expects me to open the door for Her when we go to a restaurant or store. She expects me to walk beside the cart in the store unless She gives me permission to go look at something. There are many more examples, but the point is, She doesn’t have to scream or shout at me to provide guidance. It is if i am Her personal symphony and She is the conductor. i follow Her lead and She directs me to what She wants me to do.  


Now there are times that MD will get stern with me. Yesterday, i wanted to go do a project at the house. MD was worried about my back but i insisted that i was fine. She finally looked at me said, “You will do whatever i say”, and that ended the discussion. MD has also taken a paddle to me before for arguing with Her, but most of the time when She spanks me is because She loves the rush of making me meekly submit before Her, knowing and watching my ass turn red, as i am humiliated by Her power and authority over me.


Thought i know that there are couples around the world that live in FLR’s or WLM’s, i expect that MD is on the high scale of being in total control. But MD has always been a rarity. Not only is She a true redhead (only 3% of the population), but i read Her an article about female orgasms yesterday and it said, that only 30% of women can have orgasms through intercourse alone (MD can). The article said that most women can’t have multiple orgasms (MD can) and that it takes on average about 20 minutes of sexual stimulation for many women to have an orgasm, (that would be closer to 20 seconds for MD.) i won’t even mention Her beauty, musical talents, photographic mind and Her amazing body.


The fact is MD is an incredibly sexy woman and wants to be in total control. i on the other hand, have embraced and agreed to live in sexless submission to Her. The yin and yang; positive and negative; magnetic attraction, however you describe it works for us. i am the submissive negative charge to Her positive dominance and because of it, we choose to live in a WLM