05/29/2016:We were coming home the other night and i said something about having to get something for Her at the club and She said “of course, you are my bitch.” Wow, the words struck an exciting nerve as this is not a term She has used about me very often. MD continues to grow in Her superiority over me (and thus my inferiority towards Her). Though still nice, She is becoming more and more demanding in making me serve Her, in any way She so desires.  

Having traveled down the road of MD being in charge, there is no way either of us would ever go back. In fact, MD said it is only going to be pronounced in the future. The first thing is that when the new house is complete, when i enter the house, MD said She is going to hang my clothes i am to wear for the night in the mudroom. Once i enter the kitchen, i am to be dressed in my femme clothes for the rest of the evening. MD continues to struggle with me coming home from work in my “control” mode and not being in the correct submissive mindset. She wants to make me realize, that even before i come into the house, i will be Her femme/sissy.

MD also told me that She is getting ready to want to see me with another guy. We had met with a couple of guys several months ago, but neither worked out so MD dropped it. She told me a few days ago, that She has been thinking a lot about it and wants to see me have to suck off a guy and then have to bottom for him. To be made to be used sexually for another guy is something hard to imagine, but MD loves the thought of me being with another guy. Just another way She controls and drives me deeper into submission. 

And lastly, MD just placed an order for a remote controlled vibrating butt plug She saw online. Though we have a couple of butt plugs already, this one can be controlled by Her iPhone. Where in the past, i had to be sitting next to Her, She can now control it while i am at work, or in town, even if She is not there. She told me that She loved the idea of being at the swingers club and going back to play with a couple and leaving me out in the main room with the plug being turned on while She is having sex in the back. 

MD’s bitch! i am Hers to use, however She so chooses. i am Her servant, Her sissy, Her toy and Her bitch. i am so lucky! 

Butt Plug – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hush-plug-control-via-smartphone-from-anywhere#/