05/31/2016:Last night MD ordered me to lick Her p*ssy and then turned over and told me to lick Her ass. It wasn’t because She wanted to give me a treat, She just wanted to use for Her pleasure. Normally MD doesn’t allow me to lick Her p*ssy, so last night was an exception.  

 There are three times that i am allowed to play with MD.

1) i have to pay for it. A couple of weeks ago, i asked MD if i could lick Her for $40. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but it was half my allowance for the month. MD finds it funny that i am willing to spend my money on getting to lick Her. It is incredibly humiliating to have to pay my wife just to get to play with Her and She loves watching me put money in Her “cash jar” before spreading Her legs or turning over so i lick Her ass.

2) When She wants to tease me. MD enjoys seeing how sexually excited She can get me before She turns over and goes to sleep. She may fondle my balls or let me suck on Her breast. She may even let me lick Her to an orgasm, but it is all done to see how “worked up” She can get me. MD then laughs and tells me it is time to go to sleep and i am so excited with lust, that it takes me 30 minutes or more to calm down while She is fast asleep. Not only does She find it amusing, it also makes me incredibly submissive the next couple of days.

3) When MD wants to use me. Like last night, there are times, i am just needed to meet Her sexual needs. As soon as She cums, She turns over and goes to sleep. Whether it is Her vibrator or me, it just depends on the sex toy She wants to use for Her pleasure.

MD doesn’t feel sorry for me that i am no longer allowed to have sex. As She says, “you knew what you were signing up for.” Sexual pleasure is now reserved for Her. My pleasure comes from seeing Her satisfied.