A few months ago i wrote a blog about needing almost the smallest cage that MM makes and that my dick seems to be “shrinking”. Well a couple of weeks ago, i was telling MD about an article i read about a guy who was locked in a chastity cage for 6 months and when he was allowed out and got hard, he was smaller than he used to be. We were in the hot tub when i was telling Her this and She said for me to go get my key, as She wanted to see if that was happening to me as well. i got the key and MD told me to unlock myself and make myself hard. Let’s just say the results were not positive. When i finally got “hard”, my erection was noticeably smaller (about 1.5 inches smaller) and i was definitely not “standing proud”. i was very embarrassed, but MD thought it was hilarious. i guess i am only about 4.5 inches now and when you compare that to MD’s former lover “J” who was about 11 inches, you can see the discrepancy.  

MD was so amused She told me to go ahead and see if i could still cum. i thought since i hadn’t cum in over 7 months that my orgasm would be incredible, but no, that wasn’t the case. i had two small squirts and it was over. It wasn’t even a great feeling, almost anti-climatic. Here i am in the hot tub, very embarrassed with my small, almost useless dick in my hand while MD seems very pleased. She said She wanted a sexless husband and She is getting Her wish.   

MD told me that She may put in next year’s contract that i will be allowed to get hard once a year, just so She can monitor my “shrinkage”. But She also said She wouldn’t allow me to cum again. She noticed my submissive attitude was less after i came (even if it wasn’t much) and so MD said She wouldn’t make that mistake again.

MD told me today that after my chores were done, and if we had time to take a nap, that She might allow me to listen to Her cum. My Wife, who can have sex whenever She wants, with whomever She chooses, is the sexiest woman i have ever met. i have told Her that i wish we had started our WLM a long time ago, but the only reason i am glad we waited was all the great sex i had with Her before we started and i love those memories. She asked me this morning if i get depressed or overwhelmed knowing i won’t ever be allowed to have sex again. i told Her that i don’t. i know my role and that is not to be Her lover any longer. A few more months in chastity, and i can’t even imagine trying to have sex with MD. Not only would it be incredibly humiliating, but it would probably be almost impossible. MD’s “sh” = sexless hubby.