i am writing this blog in a dress, bra, panties and wearing lipstick, the things i wore to bed last night. Normally, i wear one of several different pink nightgowns to bed, but i was feeling very submissive last night and put this on and just wore it to bed. The reason i was feeling so submissive was due to taking MD to our swinger’s club on Thursday night. 

We both took Friday off to get a project done, so we decided we would go to the swinger’s club on Thursday night, and spend the night at a hotel nearby. At the club we were having a good time, listening to the music and me enjoying watching MD dance with several other ladies. After She came back from the dance floor, a couple who was sitting close to us began to talk to Her. She moved over closer to them and though i couldn’t hear what She was saying, i could hear Her laugh and She was playing with Her beautiful red hair, which is a dead giveaway She is interested. MD began kissing them both and it appeared that they were both sucking on MD’s breasts. (Somehow they magically appeared out of Her dress!) After several minutes of playing together, they all three got up and MD told me that She would be back later.  

This left me sitting by myself in the main part of the club while everyone else was dancing and talking. About 30-40 people saw that She went off with another couple and i felt they knew that i was being cuckolded. MD has told me before that if She goes off with someone else that i am just to wait in the main room and not follow Her. So i was bit surprised to see MD come out of the back area about ten minutes later and signaled for me. i followed Her to the back room, which is called the “play room”. It has a very large round bed with chairs all around the room. The club rule is that you can only get on the bed if you are going to play; if not, you are allowed to sit in one of the chairs and watch. When we got to the room, MD pointed to one of the chairs and said “sit”.  

 In the play room was the other couple, she was topless and he was naked except for one sock (not sure why) and had a well pronounced erection. MD quickly joined them on the bed and proceeded to play with them both. While they were playing, several couples came in and watched. Over the 30 or so minutes MD was playing, i would say 13-17 people came in and observed. (The reason for the odd number was one of the workers at the club kept coming to the door and watching.)   

After a while, the other women climbed off the bed and begin putting her clothes back on. While she was doing so, she kept saying, “oh wow”, “that was incredible”, “amazing”, etc. She wasn’t saying it to anyone else, she was just muttering to herself. While she was doing this, MD and the guy were still going strong, and they played for several more minutes. Finally they finished and MD got off the bed, and grinning, came over and took me by the hand and we went back to the main room. We had another drink and then went back to the hotel.

There is something very surreal in watching your Wife play with other people. Though i don’t get jealous when She plays, it does make me feel incredibly submissive, knowing that She has that right. We don’t have an “open marriage”, we have a “cuckold, chastity marriage”. She can play with whomever She wants and i don’t play at all. When we got back to the room, i noticed my panties were full of precum. (All day Friday, i was still leaking from being so excited.) We got into bed and She cuddled in behind me and went fast asleep. i laid there replaying the evening in my head, until too falling asleep.  

All day yesterday, i felt very submissive to MD and when we got home last night, i wanted to put a dress on. Wearing a dress will either make me feel submissive (as when MD tells me to put one on) or i wear one when feeling especially submissive. There is nothing masculine about wearing a bra/dress/lipstick. They say that women choose what clothes to wear that reflects how they feel. (The old joke that a woman can stand in front of full closet and say that she has nothing to wear. In truth, she may be saying that she doesn’t see what to wear that reflects what she is feeling.) That makes more sense to me now. When feeling especially submissive, i have a strong desire to wear my femme clothes.   

When we got into bed last night, MD told me to turn over and face the wall. She got out one of Her large vibrating dildos and began to play with Herself while i could only listen. In a few minutes, She came hard and we both fell asleep. My sexual activity now – watch and listen.