Last night, we were outside and MD told our “Echo” from Amazon to play music from Journey. i thought it was appropriate for this past week. This week the “shortened” chastity cage came back from Mature Metal. When MD saw it She said, “Wow, that is pretty short. Go put it on.” i put it on and showed it to Her and She looked very amused. i have been wearing it since Tuesday and so far no issues have developed. Other than Dr. appointments and airline travel, MD said i will be wearing it permanently.   

Between the chastity cage and MD’s reading of my “Sexless” blog last week, MD told that that She finally has what She wanted, me as Her own “eunuch”. MD had decided that is what She wanted almost two years ago and now She has it and She is very pleased. She loves that not only do i never get to cum again, but that i can’t even ever get hard again. MD especially loves making fun of my predicament. We are talking about joining a local swingers club which seems very ironic. All these people enjoying sex and i am totally sexless.

In less than two weeks, we will celebrate our official 2nd MDsh Anniversary. MD is working on a new contract that i will sign to again show that She has total power. She will be adding some amendments and removing the part about me getting sex once a year. i really don’t know what all changes She is making, but it will be interesting to read it and again validating that She is my superior.  

The only thing i would do different if i had to do it all over again, was to have done it sooner. Though it is not easy, it has been great the past two years. We had to run to Lowes today to get a few items for a project MD has given me. i was in the store in panties, bra and wearing a woman’s top. (Since i had a jacket on, it was very difficult for anyone to notice.) i loved knowing that here i was and just two years ago, this would not have happened. Even last night, MD told me that She loved me in femme clothing. Though i don’t know the final destination, i am loving the journey.


What She Wants


Yesterday morning i was standing in front of MD and was wearing a pink nightgown, a pink robe and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers, all of which MD had given me. After i walked away i thought, wow, a lot has changed in the past couple of years. When i think back to when we started down the road in a WLM, i had no idea where it would lead. The one thing i have learned is that the fantasy of a WLM is much different than reality. In the fantasy world, your “partner” does exactly what you want them to do to you, in reality it is the exact opposite, you have to learn that it is really all about what She wants. This is i have learned that MD wants from me. 

1) She wants me to obey – Not only does MD have rules that i am responsible to follow, e.g., open the car door for Her, ask permission to go “potty”, wear a diaper when i go somewhere by myself. MD also has expectations that i will do whatever She says without complaining or arguing. It is not just doing what you are told, but learning to do it always with the correct attitude. Sometimes, though i may do what i am told, i don’t have the right attitude. i believe i still have a long way to go in learning how to obey.

2) She wants me to be femme – MD expects me to be femme as much as possible. Not only in what i wear underneath my clothes, but also when i am home, what i wear around the house. Most days i put on lipstick after i know we are not going out any more. If we are not going back outside, i will wear either a dress or gown depending on how late it is. In the past two years, i have gone from finding wearing femme clothes as being “erotic” to now being comfortable. My favorite thing to wear when i come home is a pink cotton dress. Not only does it feel comfortable wearing it, it is relaxing. i am very thankful that MD is teaching me to embrace my femininity.  

3) She wants me to be sexless – When we started a WLM, i thought i would just be sexually submissive to MD. i had no idea, that less than two years later, i would become “sexless”. MD has decided that not only does She not want me to experience sex with Her again, but also have no more orgasms and no more erections with the help of my chastity device. (Though my Queens Keep chastity cage is currently being modified). MD does like to tease me about my state though. The other day, we were going down a bumpy road and MD pulled down Her top so i could see Her boobs bounce. She loves the power of knowing that i lust for Her, but i have absolutely no outlet to do anything about it.

4) She wants me to feel powerless – In the WLM contract She wrote and i signed, it says that MD has complete power to make any and all decisions. i agreed that MD is superior to me and that i have no rights to make any decisions unless She deems me that right. Before our WLM, we were equal partners, though i was often submissive to Her. Now, we no longer have a partnership, but a “Queendom”. She is the ruler and i am only allowed a say when She allows it. i can only spend money when She allows it unless it is my allowance. i can’t go anywhere without Her permission. MD has complete freedom to do whatever She wants, where i have no freedom and must seek Her permission in whatever i do.

 All WLMs are different. Some don’t use chastity. Many don’t use cuckolding or sexual abstinence for him. We recognize that we seem “extreme” too many, (though it doesn’t really seem that extreme to us.) We are not advocating that our WLM is right for anyone else. Though this is not what i dreamed when we began, i couldn’t imagine it any other way now. For a WLM to work, it really must be “What She Wants.”

Now Normal


This week MD is mailing my chastity cage back to MM to get it resized. The strange thing is i am going to miss wearing it. One of the things i have noticed in reading is that a lot of guys who wear chastity cages for a long time, miss not having them on when they are off for any period of time. Some say it is the weight, some say it is feeling of confinement, others mention the security of not being tempted to masturbate. For me it is the constant knowledge of that i am MD property. i am locked up because She so desires it. It is Her way of reminding me that my dick is of no longer any use for Her. It is a “why bother” reminder.
At least i will have a “replacement” activity while the chastity cage is being resized. MD recently bought me a butt plug that is designed to stimulate the prostate. She wants me to wear it on the days i am working from home. i wore it from 8-4 on Wednesday and Friday this week. It was amazing to have a plug inside me that long. Though not a huge one, it definitely reminds me that is it there. And when i walk it does cause a reaction. i noticed when i went to pee, that i had a little bit of precum dripping on Friday. Though MD wants me locked up, She also wants me healthy, so a prostate “massager” is to be worn once or twice a week now.  

The other thing i have noticed is the way MD and i sleep now. We have always cuddled and sleep in a queen bed. (Of course!) When we stay a hotel, we don’t like when we have to stay in rooms with a King bed. But where we have always cuddled, MD is far more dominant even in Her sleep. Instead of just touching, She puts Her hand on me as if to indicate She owns me. i don’t know exactly how to describe it, but there is a difference even just the past few weeks. MD is more demanding about making me turn over and Her curl in behind me. She will now reach out put Her hand on my chest, even if She is sleeping on Her back. I am Hers, even in Her sleep.   

Not much of a theme this week in this blog. Just some random thoughts that i have had while lying awake. The funny thing is, so many people would be shocked at MD’s and my lifestyle, but to us it seems very normal. i guess that is the theme, the abnormal is now normal.



In my blog yesterday, i mentioned two embarrassing things that happened this past week. Part of being in a WLM is that as an sh, i must learn to deal with humiliation, as in many ways that is part of being submissive. The “normal” standards of being a man or husband or thrown out and you must accept that being inferior has it consequences. i tried to list my “top 10” humiliation aspects of being sh to MD.

1) Cuckolding – Last year when MD grinned at me while taking J into Her bedroom was one of the most humiliating experiences of being Her sh. It was obvious from the lust in Her eyes that She couldn’t wait to have his 11 inch dick inside Her. Knowing how much sexual frenzy She was going to experience and know that i can never do that for Her is incredibly humiliating. That experience and the other 16 guys She has played with since we have been married will forever be the #1 humiliating experience(s) of my life.

2) Pegging* – Having MD take a dildo and shove it up my ass is incredibly humiliating. Sometimes She has worn it on a harness and f*cked me, and sometimes She just sticks in it Herself. On a couple of occasions She taped it to a plunger and put the plunger on the wall and made me get on all fours and back into it and remain there while She left me in the bedroom and went and watched TV.

3) Dressing Femme – Wearing lipstick, heels and a dress while serving MD. Having to wear panties and a bra every day. MD buying me clothes (She has even held up items in the store and tell me that i would look good in them) and making me try them on reinforces the fact that MD does not see me as a man anymore – She sees me as a sissy boy.

4) Having MD’s Golden Drink – MD has made me drink Her on many occasions. She has stood above me and peed on me while aiming at my open mouth. She has made me kneel and “drink from the source” and on several occasions has peed in a wine glass and made me sip it while She will have a glass of wine. She will often take Her time, so it prolongs the experience for me. i can’t just “gulp” it down, i must drink along with Her and savor it. The look in Her eyes when She does this is incredibly humiliating.

5) Wearing a Diaper – Though not much needs to be said about this, having to stand in front of MD and pee in it and then continue to work is incredibly humiliating. (Luckily that is all She has made me do so far!)

6) Her other lovers – This is different than cuckolding. This is relationship to the totality of MD’s lovers and where i rank in that scale. MD took the challenge of listing all of Her former lovers. Of the 40 or so She listed, it came down to the fact that from a size and stamina aspect, i would be in the bottom 10%.  

7) Being Sexless – Knowing that MD has decided that She is going to make me remain sexless for the rest of my life. She believes that i have no reason to ever cum again and as Her sh, i know that is my future.

8) Spankings – Though MD doesn’t spank me very often, it is incredibly humiliating to lay over her lap while She spanks me. Even worse is when She ties me up and spanks me. Over Her lap spanks are usually with a paddle that stings. When She ties me up, it is usually a punishment spanking and She will use the bigger paddles. Either way, just knowing She has the ability to spank me and i have to accept it is humiliating.  

9) Having to ask permission to go “potty” – No matter how many times i have done this, it is still humiliating to have to ask Her permission to go to the bathroom.

10) Wearing a Chastity Device – Looking down every time i go potty or take a shower and realize i am locked up by Her.

i entitled this #6 as i was thinking in relationship to my blog of yesterday, realizing that between getting smaller (shrinkage) and now having to pay for sexual contact with MD, my own sexuality is very humiliating. Though i have always knew i was a submissive, being an sh is submissiveness on steroids. Being a submissive is sexually exciting; being an sh is sexually humiliating. i think humiliation has such a strong presence in my life as it is the constant reinforcement that i am now inferior to MD. We live together and have an amazing relationship, but in both in words and actions, every day it is clear we are no longer equals. She has rights that i will never have again. She can do whatever She wants and i must always ask Her permission. She is and will remain sexually active and i will never be again.  

MD has had numerous great lovers. Though we had a great sex life from the “connection” part, realizing just how much pleasure that other men have brought Her is amazingly humiliating. MD has the ability to disassociate sex from intimacy. She can enjoy sex with another guy, but not feel any great intimacy. With me it is the opposite, She can enjoy great intimacy with me without any sexual contact. Her sexual enjoyment that She receives from me is the pleasure watching me be so sexually frustrated – to desire Her knowing i can never have Her. To be teased by MD and have Her flaunt Her body knowing that only other men can enjoy it and i can’t (unless i pay) is incredibly torturous. MD loves that frustration in me and knowing that is my only future is incredibly humiliating.   

Whether She specifically contrasts me with Her other lovers, or just knowing the reality, i realize that from being MD’s lover, She has had so much better and will continue to experience so much better. Just that thought makes Her appear powerful and sexy and makes me feel week and humiliated and thus #6 on the list. 

*This will move to #3 when MD decides to allow another man to take me as She has planned and that experience will move to #2. 


2/27/2016:This past week i have had two very embarrassing situations come to pass. The first one was about my chastity cage. The last several weeks i began dealing with the cage causing a sore. i tried various remedies, including sanding the cage in case there was a small rise that was rubbing against me, and trying various lubes. Nothing seemed to work and it kept getting worse. We took a picture and sent to the makers of the cage – and they quickly responded that the cage was too big. They said that the cage should fit the penis like a glove. Since i was having room to “expand” at the end, it was causing friction as i expanded and contracted. It appears i will have to send it back so they can shorten it.  
When i first put on the cage when we received it, it did seem to fit very well; but i had noticed, i had seem to “shrink” wearing it, but wasn’t sure. i have read that some guys wearing chastity cages will experience some form of shrinkage, but once they stopped for a few days, they went back to their normal size. But the reports i read were from guys who wore it for a month or so. So far i was in wearing almost four months. In the week i have stopped wearing it, i haven’t noticed the return to my former flaccid size. Since the cage i originally ordered was not a very large one, they are now going to have to size it down another ½ inch, which will make it the next to the shortest size that they make. On their website you can order 20 different sizes from 1.25 inches to 5.75 inches. Mine will now be just 1.5 inches in length.

The second embarrassing thing, was i had to pay MD, $20 for the opportunity to lick Her ass. MD told me a few months ago, that She didn’t think i should be allowed to lick Her p*ssy any longer and that Her p*ssy was now reserved for Her lovers. She did say that She would still consider letting me lick Her ass on occasion. The last time She had allowed me that pleasure was almost 3 months ago, so i asked Her if She would consider allowing me the right to “purchase” the opportunity to lick Her. MD grinned and said She would consider it. After a few days i asked if i could offer my weekly allowance of $20 for the opportunity to lick Her and She agreed.  

When i first discovered the thrill of licking MD’s ass, She would always first take a shower or wash off, but now that is no longer the case. MD tells me now that it is not Her concern whether She has taken a shower or has been sweaty. She enjoys knowing that i am going to smell like Her ass the rest of the night, since i am not allowed to go wash my face or brush my teeth afterward. i just have to turn over and go to sleep. Though She thinks is a kind of punishment, i actually love it. i love Her taste and love to smell Her; so the money spent that night was well worth it. So the last two “sexual” experiences with MD cost me $10 to hold Her boobs and now $20 to lick Her ass.

i believe that MD really enjoys making me pay for touching Her, since previously when She allowed me to play with Her in some way, i think it felt like She was “losing” a bit of Her power over me during those experiences. i mentioned in a previous blog, that for many people sex is often about power. By allowing me that level of freedom with Her, it was in some way bringing me up to Her level. By making me “pay” now for the privilege of experiencing Her, it keeps the experience more on the transactional level and thus me remaining as inferior to Her. It is still Her holding power over me and me willing to submit to the humiliation and embarrassment of having to hand over my allowance just to touch my wife.  

i entitled this blog “shrinkage”. The first part of shrinkage was physical. Embarrassingly to admit, it appears that my dick is actually getting smaller, and if it gets any smaller, there soon won’t be a cage to fit it. (When MD found out that my dick was getting smaller, She thought it funny and seemed to love it!) Let’s face it, MD has no plans on using my dick any further. As long as She can keep me locked up and continue to tease me, so i am constantly in lust with Her, She is good.

The second experience this weekend is the continued “shrinkage” of my former life. Before we began our WLM, MD would often have me play with Her in various ways. She is the most sexually vibrant and expressive woman i have ever met, but now, it has come to the point that the only way She will allow me to experience Her is by making me pay Her for the privilege. i can only imagine how powerful She feels seeing me offer Her money just for the privilege to touch Her breast or lick Her ass. There is no way to describe the humiliation i feel in offering Her money just to experience Her again. But at the same time, i know that is my place. MD no longer sees me as a lover, She sees an sh who ever once in a while, if She is in a benevolent mood, will offer me the opportunity to experience Her charms one more time….if the price is right.



i had a setback in wearing my chastity cage this past week. i got a large abrasion underneath my penis due to the cage and we had to remove it. We are contacting Mature Metal to see if it has to be returned for sizing or if there is something else we can do. i will have to be out of it for at least another week to heal even if we don’t have to send it off. The first couple of days of “freedom” seem to go fine, but that next morning i woke up to “morning wood”. i was really disappointed as it had been almost 4 months since the last time i had been hard. MD has told me that Her sissy femme boy shouldn’t ever need to get hard again, since i will never allowed to enter Her or ever get to cum again. So She finds the thought of me with an erection as being disrespectful of Her commands.  
What i found interesting is that my reaction to getting hard was to want to dress femme. Since we were traveling last week, that wasn’t a real option, but after getting home late Friday night, yesterday i got to dress. Now i always wear panties and most of the time a bra, but yesterday i was able to only wear femme clothing. MD had run into town and left me doing some work around the house. When She got back i was completely dressed wearing lipstick (a new kind MD had just given me) along with a pink bow in my hair. When She got out of the car, MD had a little smirk on Her face seeing Her 6’0/200 lb hubby all dressed as a sissy. She loves making me dress this way, and now i am desiring even more.  

There is something very humiliating standing in front of MD in a dress or skirt, it reminds me how powerless i am and how much MD is in control. MD allows me a lot of liberty in how i dress depending on how “exposed” i am going to be that day, but the basic goal is to dress as femme as possible. We have to run some errands today, so i will only get to wear a bra and panties under my boy clothes. When i get home though it will be a pink dress and my girly shoes for me.  

Our Relationship: (Repeating on Each Blog)

As of 4/7/14, my relationship with my Wife of 17 years, changed from me being naturally submissive to Her to one where we now live fulltime in a “Wife Led Marriage” (WLM) relationship. She is now in total control of all financial, life and daily decisions. She is recognized as the unquestioned authority of our marriage and my life. My role is to be the “sh” to Her “MD”. “sh” is Her way of reminding me that i am Her “sissy”, “submissive”, “servant” and “sexless” husband. The MD is “Masteress D (Her name)” or “My Domme”.  

Valentine’s Day 2016

2/14/2016:Men think about sex a lot. (Incredible revelation right?!) Valentine’s Day has always been one of the three “sex days” that men think are pretty well givens (unless they seriously screw up). The other two are their birthday and anniversary. While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of romance, most guys equate romance with sex. That is why Valentine’s Day for me the past two years is very different. i KNOW i am not getting sex today (or any other day for that matter). This weekend is a reflection of romance and realizing how lucky i am to have found who and what i really need.Realizing how far i have come in the past couple of years is amazing to me. i loved having sex with MD. i thought about it all the time. Now that activity is no longer an option, the thought processes change as well. It is no longer what can i do to get sex, it is how can i experience intimacy with MD? As MD has removed the option of me experiencing Her sexually more and more, my sexual energy is refocused in different ways. i believe MD finds a great sexual satisfaction from denying me. Not only has She denied me sex, but i am very rarely allowed to have any sexual contact with Her or even look at Her naked. She has already told me that licking Her ass will be my only form of sexual release with Her, but even that is on a very limited basis. She does not need me for Her sexual gratification and i believe She loves withholding any sexual pleasure from me.  

This is different from the wives who lose interest in sex and really don’t care about their husband’s sexual desires. (This is the case of one of MD’s current lovers.) MD has a great sexual desire, but She loves the power of control over me. She tells me She loves knowing that i lust for Her and can’t do anything about it. She loves knowing that i am locked up in a chastity cage and i have no hope for an orgasm. But where She gets off on being in control, i get off to being controlled. While most guys would never admit that they would love to be in permanent chastity, i have to admit, there is something incredibly erotic about it. Knowing that MD is permanently denying me release is incredibly sexy in its own weird and warped way.

Also, knowing that i have to “pay” for the privilege of touching MD is incredibly humiliating. Just to hold Her breast last week cost me half a week’s allowance (but well worth it!) Though MD may receive pleasure in me licking Her, there is a sense of a loss of power She experiences when She allows me the freedom to enjoy Her. It has been said that everything is about sex, except sex, and it is about power. In our relationship sex is power and MD has all of the power. i guess the old adage may be right, “you have to pay to play”. Why should She allow me the pleasure of getting to lick Her ass, when She can make me pay for it in some way to add to Her ever increasing power over me?

Though not a traditional Valentine’s Day lover’s desire, my desire is to be MD’s chaste sissy sub. Though i loved being Her lover, i never want to lose the intimacy we have now over sex. Sometimes denial is better than receiving. Happy Valentine’s Day.



All About Her

02/07/2016: It dawned on that i recently broke two records; the longest i have ever been kept in chastity and the longest i have gone without cumming. i have been locked in a chastity cage for well over 100 days and without cumming now almost 120 days. While in the past these would have seemed like a big deal to me, now it is almost an afterthought. Since MD has already told me She is going to keep me in a chastity cage for at least 10 years, three months is not such a major accomplishment. And since October was my last time to ever be allowed to cum, every day will be a new record from here on out.
 MD and i lived a Domme/sub marriage even before we started a WLM, but now i can see that is apples to oranges. Though there a similarities in a Femdomme relationship, there are major differences. In a Femdomme relationship, the sub has “options”. He can tell the Domme what he desires and what his interests are. Maybe he likes getting spanked or getting humiliated. The Domme chooses how that might be done. Though She is in charge, he is also providing input. In a Wife Led Marriage it is all about Her. MD doesn’t have to try to meet any of my desires any longer, it is only what She wants. In the past, MD might have “made” me lick Her without letting me cum. She gets pleasured, but so did i in the sense that i love to lick Her. Now, MD has no desire for me to lick Her p*ssy as She feels that is only for Her lovers. Whether i want to or not is immaterial, it is all about Her and Her desires.

 Now don’t get me wrong, it is an incredible experience being used by your Masteress. It is amazing when MD turns to me and orders me to do something. There is no more negotiating or disagreeing with Her. She orders me to do something and i must obey. Whether it be go get me a cup of coffee, put a pink nightgown on or get on my knees and kiss Her feet, anything She says i must obey. i guess the only analogy i can think of is a Femdomme relationship is like an engagement but a WLM is a “covenant marriage”. In the first you are somewhat committed but there are outs, the second is legally binding.  

 The exciting thing is what MD desires change daily. This past week She has been sick and so i have had the opportunity to care for Her while She recovers. Next week She has already listed out several items i have to get done by next Sunday and She will be more of a task master that i have to please. Every day i must be prepared to serve Her however She desires. Being in a WLM is challenging. i have to come from being an “alpha male” at my work to a “neutered sissy femme” at Her home. Sometimes i don’t arrive home with the correct attitude and that is something i need to continue to work through. MD is also training me on not losing my temper and taking correction with the right attitude.  

 i write this blog in my pink nightgown, pink slippers, pink robe, wearing a chastity cage and a pair of panties and i feel incredibly lucky. Tomorrow, i will put on a suit and head to the office to lead several business meetings. Already all i can think of is i can’t wait to get back home to be under the full authority of MD. She is my love, my protector and my Masteress. i can honestly say that i love that is “All About Her”.



i have had an interest in kink long before i knew what it was. Even at the age of 8 or 9, i daydreamed about being kidnapped and made to serve an older female. Once i discovered sex my interest in “kink” has been especially strong. Until i met MD though, i never had a chance to really experience it to the fullest depth. Since kink is defined as unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies; i guess, Femdomme, cuckoldry, chastity, cross-dressing, submission and discipline would all qualify as an interest in Kink.
 Kinks are interests that drive to sexual desire or pleasure. Usually these interests lead to some form of sexual release but that no longer applies to me. The ability for me to receive or enjoy sexual pleasure has been largely removed. Imagine a river that has been dammed. The water continues to back up and has no release unless the dam is opened to release the pressure. In my case there is only a few “release” options. i am not allowed to cum. i am not allowed to get hard. i am not currently allowed to orally pleasure MD. So my kink outlet is now driving me to be more femme. i now enjoy getting to wear my bra and feminine clothes. It is now incredibly exciting to come home and getting to wear dresses and heels. MD has even given me some make up and i want to begin to wear some around the house. At first i was very embarrassed when MD started making me dress femme, but now i embrace it and look forward to it. Though i don’t see myself as a female, i enjoy being MD’s feminine male that is inferior to Her.

 It is sometimes hard though to flip the switch from being in charge and an “Alpha Male” at work and then come home and immediate become a “Sissy Male”, but the clothes help. It is also helps that MD will sometimes begin ordering me around as soon as i get home. At first i sometimes had a defensiveness attitude of “i just got home”, but then it dawned on me MD was helping me immediately get into the right mindset. It is amazing what it does to my head when She orders me to do something or tells me that She likes something femme i am wearing. Usually MD will say that i look “cute” in my dress and it just is an amazing feeling knowing that She loves seeing me as a feminized male; someone who is weaker and inferior to Her. The more She calls it out, the more sissy and femme i feel. Though where we currently live doesn’t allow us as much privacy as we would like, we are working on ways that i can be dressed femme around the house even more, to which i look forward. 

As i am learning to accept that my fate and future life will be lived as a feminine male, it is changing how i respond to things. i have noticed that i am becoming more passive and less confrontational. Though i still have a temper that too is becoming less of an issue. i find i don’t always feel i have to go accomplish something, sometimes i can just sit and enjoy the moment. The scary thing though, is that MD has told me last year that in my future i will be required to serve an alpha male. Though that has never been one of my “kinks”, lately i have started imagining what that will be like when MD decides i am ready – to take that next step of becoming a true sissy and be sexually submissive to another man.

Though MD and i don’t have a “normal” marriage it is amazingly strong. I can’t imagine going back to where we once were. Though we had a great marriage then, the joy of having MD to be in total charge is sometimes overwhelming. Though many would say we have a kinky marriage, it is one hell of a ride, and i can’t wait for the rest of it!

A Price To Pay

1/24/2016: What an amazing experience! This morning i was lying next to MD and all i could think of is how much i desired Her and wanted to hold Her. i asked MD if for $10 (half of my weekly allowance) if i could hold Her breast. She seemed amused that i would be willing to spend my allowance on this request but She said yes, and grabbed my hand and put it on Her right breast. For $10 i was allowed to hold and fondle Her right breast. i wasn’t allowed to play with the other one or play with Her nipple or even suck on Her, but just enjoy getting to touch Her. (Realize She is a natural 40DD so i couldn’t even hold all of one breast!)  
It was incredible. The amount of lust i was consumed by for those 15-20 minutes. My heart was racing, my breath quick and shallow and my little dick was trying in vain to get hard in my chastity cage, which even amused MD even more. Every few minutes She would push against me and wiggle Her ass. So even when i started to “calm down” it would fire right back up. For those who ever never worn a chastity cage, when you are locked in one and try to get hard, it is a very uncomfortable feeling! So i was straining to not get hard while hold MD’s breast and it wasn’t working. i felt like i was a very inexperienced young teenage boy getting to touch the breast of a beautiful sexy older woman for the first time. It was exciting and humiliating at the same time.

After a while MD told me to go get Her a cup of coffee. My time was up but it had been such a rush. Knowing that my sexual contact with MD is so limited now as Her chastity sissy, that any little thing She does, just drives me wild with lust. It has been over three months since MD has allowed me to look at Her naked. A few times She has pulled Her top up and flashed me and once She bent over and flipped Her robe up so I could see Her ass, but that is it. She knows She is driving me crazy and She absolutely loves that. i know that She is off limits to me and only occasionally teases me just to make me ache for Her.   

i had to pay $10 to touch her (and yes, MD took my money) and i know that soon one of Her lovers will get to put his hands all over Her and She will moan with desire. He will touch Her and experience Her incredible sexuality. She will cum over and over while He is inside Her and with me, while MD can simply humiliate me by making me beg and pay just to touch Her.

i knew that taking the plunge into a fulltime WLM was going to be exciting and wild, but i had no idea where it would lead. There is a price to be paid to ask your Wife to become your Owner and Masteress. You forever give up the right to be Her equal and you are left feeling humiliated and weak and willing to beg just for a touch. The price this morning was $10 a boob.