Why do I cuckold my sh

I did not start out in our relationship thinking about taking another lover, I loved our sex life and loved daydreaming/fantasizing about having sex with only my guy. Well, let me be perfectly honest, and the occasional woman.

When we first started playing with another submissive guy, it did not start out with me having sex with him. But we became close and comfortable with each other (all three of us) that it naturally progressed. Then it happened, there was such a sense of power when I started having sex with the other guy and then add to that the humiliation for my sh when I was having sex with the other guy.

Then it progressed from there, I went out on lunch dates and night time dates with the other guy and WOW. Once while in bed having sex with the other guy, I had my sh tied up to the door and made him watch and between the feelings of power, lust, sexual energy, something new cropped up, I saw a look on my sh face that went from excited to humiliated back to excited and I liked that look. And I LOVED the feeling within me, the power, the confidence, it moved my Domme meter up several notches.

No one could EVER take the place of my sh (husband, lover, best friend, confidant, sub hubby) so plotting to leave with another man just does not do anything for me. I do not even fantasize about leaving and believe me, during my first marriage that is all I ever thought about. But, taking on a lover to cuckold my sh is something that just puts me over the top sexually. MD